Filling the Gap With Tales of Summer, Characters, Shapes, Textures, Colors: Part 1 - Uncolored Intro

great white egret
Great White Egret: when mealtime becomes a summer water ballet performance.
Trying to explain a seven-month gap in posting feels awkward, so I won't even try.
The snow and ice came and went, though not always gracefully.
Spring and Summer were delayed, but compensated for their tardiness in color, variety, duration, and song.

Yes, song!

Traces, Shadows, Reflections on Gilded Ice

reflections on gilded ice
Inverted in gold
Cold days can have extraordinary warmth in light.
Even those that follow a brutal snowstorm.

Jonas arrived with shameful ferocity, piling mountains of the white vile stuff, forcing meteorologists to reshuffle their records, and shovel enthusiasts to reconsider the affinity.

The day after was equally brutal in temperatures and tempers. Crisp blue skies camouflaged the biting cold, which made the pulse race and breathing to come in short gasps.  On a day like this, you may contemplate conceding a few feet of property to your neighbor if it means that you don't have to dig it out of the snow.

Then, a glorious fiery sky at sunset was generous compensation—if not for the shovel crowd, certainly for the lens enthusiast.

Territorial Claims and Concessions in Low Visibility

Seagull claims docking post
Move over, now!
The proverbial early riser gets the worm but the loudest seagull gets the post with the coveted view. This ritual of calculated circling, followed by a swift and powerful dive, and accompanied by aggressive squawking is the winged kingdom's equivalent of pulling rank. 

Or, is it?