Mammatus, Anyone?

mammatus cloud Long Island, NY
Mammatus clouds in sunset light, Long Island, NY
I don't like name-dropping but I'll make an exception since this particular name meant absolutely nothing to me until two days ago! Ironic how a "scientifically challenged" person keeps running into photographic situations that require understanding physical phenomena.

Moody weather—definitely a nonscientific term—provides ample opportunity to view and capture some stunning images.

Silhouetted Passengers on Suspended Passages

LIRR Jamaica
The overpass at LIRR Jamaica station
New York's best-known commuter hubs, Grand Central and Penn Station, may be the ultimate spots to observe and be overwhelmed by the number of people hurrying in every possible direction, the human flow patterns, the looks of urgency and concern about time, and the diversity of the commuters and travelers themselves.

Yet, however paradoxical, these are the least likely places to consider a  link with any single person— or even think of these streams of live movement as anything but a potential hazard, were you unwise enough to impede their flow in any way.

Follow the Birds to Get to the Other Side

Mediterranean seagulls
Low flight over water
To have lived, learned, loved, laughed, cried, worked, achieved, failed, won and lost on two continents is both a blessing and a curse, and not a small feat—trust me on this one!

I don't, consciously at least, make comparisons about how doing "this or that" in Europe is different than in the States. Or how even the dingiest beach in Greece is superior to anything on the Atlantic shoreline. Or how Times Square in New York City can take on any and all squares of the old continent and win hands-down as the most fascinating parcel of limited square footage.