Redefining the Basic Colors, Without Magenta

tree silhouette against sky
I see no trace of magenta here, do you?
"...but magenta isn't even a real color..." wrote the commenter.

A recent humorous post shared on Facebook about modern printers and their uncanny timing for running out of ink, prompted an array of comments—gripes to be exact.  Obviously, no argument on the subject is ever complete without a mention of almighty magenta. And rightly so.

The certainty that you cannot print a plain black and white document if this magenta rascal is running low, is all the proof I need that there is no science here, just a twisted conspiracy! 
Yes, I do realize that there is a color wheel and something called the color spectrum, disrespectful as the latter sounds. Yes, all the years dealing with print shops taught me the difference between CMYK and RGB to the extent that it affected my dummy—which is another disrespectful term, though the world of paper seems to be full of those.

The claim is that unless there is magenta, there can be no black, no blue, no anything!

Meanwhile, not a word about cyan—the C in CMYK—as if it is just a hush-hush matter. Poor cyan, strange name aside, it is a blue after all! How can anything blue be overlooked?
In a "magenta-minded world" anything is possible.

black blue and white

For me, there are three basic colors: black, white, and BLUE.

Every other color and hue is a building block, a mere supporting act. Like in this morning image of a tree silhouette against pure white and blue. That touch of gray is simply shy white.

I see no magenta here and I'm sticking to my story.
Printer manufacturers of the universe, come clean! Admit that magenta is your secret little cash cow...

Please let our little combo machines print with near-empty magenta cartridges!

Isn't it enough for you that when all the inkwells run dry we will purchase a new printer simply because it is cheaper to do so?

The only doubt I have vis-a-vis the "printer ink conspiracy" relates to cherry blossoms. Can you print images of those without magenta?
Yes, that is a little problem.