The Swiss Precision of a Rusty Nail

solar clock
Never needs winding or battery change!
There is solace in failing performing below par in subjects like chemistry and physics in high school. Though your understanding of the natural world is certainly impaired, there's compensation in other, more abstract, realms of being.

Like wonder and amazement at phenomena easily comprehended and explained away by one of your more scientifically inclined peers. You don't have a clue about the process—and tortures, I imagine—that light has to go through for a rainbow to appear in the sky, or a corroded slab of metal to mark the time of day with dogged precision.

Redefining the Basic Colors, Without Magenta

tree silhouette against sky
I see no trace of magenta here, do you?
"...but magenta isn't even a real color..." wrote the commenter.

A recent humorous post shared on Facebook about modern printers and their uncanny timing for running out of ink, prompted an array of comments—gripes to be exact.  Obviously, no argument on the subject is ever complete without a mention of almighty magenta. And rightly so.

The certainty that you cannot print a plain black and white document if this magenta rascal is running low, is all the proof I need that there is no science here, just a twisted conspiracy!