Caught Unprepared and Unframed on Debut

Argostoli Kefalonia Greece in winter
Proper as it seems to write an introductory post that sets the tone for this blog, I cannot. Sure, I can come up with a couple of paragraphs about what I intend to do here but that would contradict my impulsive nature.
Not that I don't like a contradiction - on the contrary! 

No, there won't be a particular tone or theme to the words or images exposed on this page. Just me, my camera, my scratch notes, and my keyboard—complemented by my joy, sadness, frustration, happiness, anger, awe, disappointment, discovery, excitement, boredom, small accomplishments, bitter failures, smiles, and tears—in no particular order or frequency:

✔ Thoughts I had before pointing the camera anywhere and thoughts evoked by looking at the results afterward.
✔ Unfolding stories, reflections, notions, emotions, opinions, and impressions that had to find an outlet but were often compromised in encapsulated social media status updates.

So... this is a place to expand, to stretch my photographic and writing legs, and to share and communicate with others who may also prefer their cocktail of images and words mixed imperfectly.

True to the overall imperfection, posting frequency will depend on circumstances, real-life workload, the phases of the moon and, of course, my frame of mind.

Quite a task to choose one image among so many for the first post. This is an older one, from my compact camera days, which I never seem to exclude from any collection or album, no matter how limited the positions are. It must mean something. It does, as I'll tell you soon.